Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The key to getting a solution in time for your business

Hopefully, it's been some time since you last receive telemarketing calls at home, but I'm sure you remember the days when you use your cell phone will be bothered by unwanted phone calls ... especially at dinner time or 22 : 00 in the evening. Actually, the last thing any of us really want to be fascinated by the over-zealous salesmen and not very abundant too eager salesman. Death to all salesmen, right?

Well, not really.

Good vendor to provide services and solve our problems. And when it comes time attendance, there was not much information out there to help you navigate the waters of his own. So, to solve the case of the presence of your business takes time, a trustworthy salesman is a good idea.

How do you find the web a "good guy" sellers are in your corner?

First, you need to know what problem you are trying to solve. Any good salesperson will ask one or more of the following questions to determine your needs before offering any solutions (and even though there are claims out there, there is no one size fits all solutions).

Do you know what kind of hours or the presence of the solution you're looking for? This gives them the opportunity to identify whether you solve your own problems. They also identify how much help and follow-up you need.

What type of business do you have? This will give them some general background information such as the type of employee and employee scheduling you have. Real experts in the industry that the system works best with a manufacturing company as opposed to a small retail store.

How many employees do you have? Some time clock solution just is not big enough for the company to measure. If you ask the mechanic time and you have 500 employees, they may want to refer you to another system which will result in fewer headaches and greater savings for your company.

What specific problem are you experiencing now? This is where they prove that they know how to listen to and what they are talking about. Being able to hear the "sick" and solve the specific features of a system. If they can not cope with the pain of your language, dump them. They do not know what they are talking about.

Secondly, you need to hear. If they talk 98% of the time and you are in the 2%. They are not interested to solve your problem. They are interested in getting your money they have. Here are some signs to tell them not to listen to rumors that you:

Whatever problem you throw at them, their response is that their products can solve your product (and then some). "We Automate the process ... help documentation ... offers great flexibility ... with wonderful software ... getting our customers from larger competitors ..... "And this is the answer simply stating that you do not eliminate buddy punching. It is not sound. It was bombarded.

They could not determine how their products do not meet your needs as well as other competitors when asked. You know the honest sellers know their products and their competitors' products. More importantly, their goal is to solve your problem. When you find people who do this, keep him around. He is worth its weight in gold.

They talk about their attendance systems capability like nothing better on this planet. Like a dog marking its territory, they will not only be able to help themselves. You have this problem? Leg lifts. Resolved. Oooh, this one too. Yet another foot lift, solved.

Bottom line: If they do not have a conversation with you, they do not listen.

Finally, get them to write down their commitment to you and deal with it here. Behind Every time attendance system promises a retailer sale. If this solution does not provide, hold them responsible. It is their responsibility to overcome their words. And when they do, thank them and reward them with a follow-up of the business, referrals or testimonials written. You can never have too many "good people" in your corner. Now, go cultivate!

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