Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The future for boats and yacht industry in China and India, Asia

Almost all of us have something to do with pleasure boats, wondering how to market the ship will be in the future? Where it goes from here? Boats Do any future? Will this trend has become a market and sell the larger or smaller boats for the world economy. What happens mainly in Asia? Which country will be the big boat market? China, India, Indonesia perhaps? The important thing is what steps should be taken at this time, to create a better market in the country.

In Hong Kong, we realize a clear saturation boating market and almost all the global manufacturers of boat dealers and pointed towards China and India. The two countries make the biggest potential boating market.

We talk about China first and realize that in 2005 we had great expectations for the boating business in China Let, we believe that the boating industry will be huge in 2010. Well, we are now in 2010 and China is obviously not picked up to the level of prophecy, so the market is slower than what many industry experts predicted anyway. The reason behind this is the rules and regulations of China to the cruise industry. Taxes and licensing rules are very clear in China. Different rules for different countries in China and no taxes for 40% of new ships.

Infrastructure and the pace of development in China, however, is not conclusive. But there is little pleasure boat floating in the waters of China. There are definitely buyers for high-end yachts, but maintenance is difficult and expensive. People are willing to pay to have a luxury yacht, but they are not willing to put a lot of time, spending more on maintenance, paying high taxes and lengthy procedures for obtaining license. Some club marina in China now assist in providing the necessary licenses for their members, but it is not cheap. Another way to handle this problem buyers, is to keep only use their boat in Hong Kong. It is clear overcrowds marina HK and not much help to increase sales in China.

One way to overcome this problem and to create better regulation in the future, is for brokers in Hong Kong to sell lower price and good quality used boat to China. If the dealer stop hunting for high end clients and more direct marketing to young affluent clients and the median, it will create more pleasure boats in the waters of China. The market is definitely respond. Forbes in 2010 confirms that there are 64 billionaires in China, however, a point to note that there are over 900,000 people with a net worth of over 10 million RMB. The majority of the people are younger than 39. Even larger and younger population there, up to 5 million RMB worth.

There are some really over those who want to spend a small amount of money at first for the boating business. Because boating lifestyle is not too unusual for China, should be given the importance to bring more ships to China, which is not very expensive and good quality.

It can fill a marina, constraint management to grow and also provide a practical opportunity for shipyards to work.

It would also force the government to look into creating a manageable regulatory and fatigue, and the growth of the concept is sound, it is sure to create an easy to use and hassle free market for high end consumer yacht. In any case, China will have a major boating market, but to do it sooner rather than later, depending on our actions today.

We talk about India Let.

One of the biggest advantages is that India is the Indian mentality and lifestyle is very easy to adapt to Western Lifestyles. India to adapt and accept the idea, and the product of western culture very easily. The high number of Indian population speaks English. Understands almost everything is English. If you are a non-Indian company, you can easily find skilled labor in India. It was also easy to set up service centers and training for workers due to the ability of the Indian languages ​​and educated population.

India's GDP growth is currently 7.2%, ranked the nation's No. 5 on the list of billionaires and India currently has about 200,000 millionaires with a net worth of $ 1 to 10 million, and a larger population of people worth slightly less. Upper middle class population of India is expected to grow about 10 times over the next 10-15 years.

But here is a set back! Indian politics is a mess, there is corruption in various sectors and matters to be inefficient.

The main concern is the slow development of infrastructure. Due to corruption and political differences among groups, it is difficult to start any kind of infrastructure. Marina is scheduled to construct more than 5 years ago in southern India is still not ready. Therefore marina development speed is much slower than in China. Ship owners still do not have a mooring in India.

On a positive note, and became the largest democracy rules and regulations around the world will have the flexibility and the plus point, if the business is not a luxury boat reached such a good start to have some working marina and some decent boat. The Indian market for boats will see faster growth than China boating market.

Boat Dealers in India also need to market cheap and quality yachts for larger clients. You can also improve business More boat rental industry in the early stages.

Also included I'm sure it will not be too long until I can have a hassle free cruise ship in the waters of India and China.

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