Sunday, December 1, 2013

How to Identify Your Business Potential Trainers

I can often asked by clients how they can identify potential trainers on their business. I ask clients who would make a great coach, and what kind of skills, qualities or characteristics they should have.I think long and hard about it, and it is not easy to explain the nature of the place. However, I think there are some qualities, skills or characteristics to look for when determining a potential coach. I have listed some of them below, and some potential questions to ask: - Reality - What they have achieved in their current paper is to demonstrate their credibility as a coach? People do not ask for their help? Do they have the experience and technical skills in their workplace? 

They make the same high standards and they are aware of and interact with the problem of 'shop floor' -? Coaching / Skills Advice - Do they have examples of other guides, or comment on someone in their performance? How do you want them to give you feedback? They can show: considerations for individual emotions Set the right place The use of appropriate language Discussion on certain criteria are met / not met Discussed improvements made Discuss how to make improvements Agreed actions and commitments and actions to develop staff motivation - they believe themselves to be built in the last 12 months? For example: the training program followed Ask for feedback on performance Innovation and in particular to Program out of work / school night Take more work / responsibility, commitment and motivation to build more - 

What do they have to build another one in the last 12 months? Example: discuss development options Set up browsing Training program To specifically target Cross-training Multi-skilling Training sessions Counseling Response Help solve the problems-verbal skills - for example, do this: Speak clearly and concisely Answering questions correctly Explain the information in a simple and logical, avoiding too much jargon Written Effective Listening Skills - Do not write them in a way that is clear and easy to read? Do not use inappropriate language -? Main Features - 

Many features can be listed here. But you can ask for proof and / or observe that they are approachable, empathetic, honest and trustworthy, integrity, non-judgmental and patient, but most of all they need a sense of humor and passion to make training fun and memorable. It is by all means not a definitive list, but it could be a starting point in determining the right kind of people to attend the progamme train coaches. Do you have something to add? What would make a good trainer in your business? I want to take you comments.Best wishesSandra

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