Sunday, December 8, 2013

Career Search - What's the Difference Between Job and Career

Looking for a career is a term I apply to actively take career instead of looking for a position job.I can not tell you how many times I would interview someone, and when I want to ask them what they look for jobs, they would reply, "I'm not looking for a job I'm looking for race .. "And while I can appreciate the intention of the applicant's response, I had to stop to tell you how wrong it - recruiters with whom you speak, but more importantly, how much will interfere with your work search.Let explain to me the difference: Working is a problem that the company offers. Career is something that you develop industry.There no such thing as a career position.To emphasize this, here is the definition for a "career" according to Webster's dictionary: the development of an individual or a general course of action through life or through a phase of life, such as profession or undertakingI can describe my career so far as a "recruiter," but please understand that I am not saying that just because the bike my company to be a recruiter. 

To cope with the race, you must meet three specific qualifications: You have spent a large amount of people who attend a particular industry. You are specialized in producing valuable skills for the industry. We have a proven track record of success with some qualifications industry.Examine good. Eligibility is determined based on one thing - you! You can choose a career path that you want to do, but understand that building a career is the sum total of your own efforts. No company can only award you career.I remember interviewing entry level applicants a few years ago is now working for McDonald. When I asked why she wanted to go, he explained that McDonald's just a job - he wants an example career.While I understand that this is the core of the absurd reduction, McDonald is one of the largest providers of racing opportunities throughout the world. You can grow from entry-level roles in all different directions, including Human Resources, Accounting, Operations and Logistics, Marketing, and much more ... ! In fact, McDonald sometimes take exceptional candidates and pay for internal further training to advance their skills. In time, they too can advance in their chosen careers - and it is the hope of applied skills internally.

Again McDonald, to emphasize the importance of understanding the job is something that you can get. Career is something that you should develop. The reason why this is so important is because millions of people search Google every month for a "career" - and I'm sorry to say - you will not find one just by looking. Yes, you can see a lot of companies want people to think about careers, or who can offer career opportunities in science, but at the end of the day you apply job.That That said, if you want to start building a career in a particular industry, you must do three things : Decide which industry you want to build your career. Look at what the different career paths available in the industry. Planning to get some specialized training in the industry, either through formal education, learning, mentor programs, promote-from-within, etc. For example, you decide to Business is your industry choice. Next, look at the career paths available and decided that Marketing is where you are most interested. The next step is to see how you can begin to learn more about marketing, whether it's through an internship or go college.

Now - and only now - you're ready to start getting some experience in a particular industry. Trust me - you will more than likely will start in entry level sales role very truly understand marketing from the ground up. And that's okay. It takes time to build up an interview career.My first experience actually paid internship. And I spend hours a week interviewing, watching other people interview, recorded at the lecture approach, resume review, reference calls, etc. The more I can get my feet wet and collecting experience, I know I will be better prepared to grow in my career choice - and finally I will be more valuable to other employers industry.So next time you think to cut front line only to find a career, think again. You need to find a first job. Work is the only thing that a company can offer you. But the work, in turn, be a stepping stone. It is a vehicle to help you build the career you really want.


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