Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Solution-selling is a Myth!

Who among us has not been here in Omni-wit who wax poetic the benefits of "Solution Selling." It may seem odd to me, the author of the book "Up Your Earnings! Bestselling Solutions for profitability "to cast aspersions on the benefits of this technique. But believe so many things in the real world, theory is one thing, application is quite another.The question then becomes: what is the difference between theory and reality to sell a solution, and, if there's any truth to the famous? This solution sales strategies designed to meet the challenges of the 1980s a new era of technology. 

Computers are not only changing the way we do business, also has changed the concept of what we sell. The fact that some industries are untouched by the computer, which means there is fertile ground for new precious style to quickly create solutions to sell dealt root.The challenge 'Multi-Box' as if it needed to meet the more complex products and solutions in the market involving players more competitive than ever providing a new approach to the exact same or similar merchandise.This take a long term view of the sales process and expressly designed to collect long-term customer loyalty. 

If the company is to survive and remain profitable, customers must buy the idea there is added value in long-term relationships plus refocus purchase value criteria and rigorous approach price.The not necessarily make sense then and it still is still working today. ? So one might ask then, where is the problem Like many companies duped into believing that the path to success is through the 'Mission' a good company, the solution is selling strategies - such as mission statement - was and still is, a simple strategy. Only in a successful application to the success of any type can realized.Looking differently, the way to win a hockey game is to put the puck in the net more times than your opponent and continue to do so until the evening news ... lol.Who can demonstrate a proven strategy like that? Applications, however, has always proved to be a litmus test to continue to isolate only those with a good plan of the people who can actually implement one.Simply say, too many companies are betting the farm on solution-selling approach is the expense-the most important part of the sales -! Selling Many companies make the most successful out of business with some plans and even the best strategy. The truth is, formulate a strategic plan is always easier than actually implementing one. 

Disproportionate amount of time and effort spent designing attractive long-term strategy Solutionist pale in comparison with the skills needed to achieve what really matters in the end - Do you make a sale? Which brings us to why the solution-selling-strategy is myth.As as much as we like to think we grow a lot of fraudulent sellers of the past, in practice, [regardless of what product or industry], think about the questions raised by all managers of all salesreps sales meeting held before the end of each month. "What brings you order at the end of the month?" In-box approach to sell! That's right, it never really goes, and this is what successful companies to understand even the most basic materials, strategy.Lets closely with each vendor's face it, [using the example of hockey again], even puck goes off your helmet still dependent and perhaps the classic, the deciding factor that determines whether the team moving or news link. In fact, how you never as important as how you get it.So Solutions strategy is to sell the wrong approach? No, now and in the future proper approach. 

What is wrong, however, to believe - as so many do - a good plan automatically generate sales. It Is not! Under the microscope it seems we all need to feel we are growing credibility far more than we might have. It has clouded our view of what is really needed to be successful in sales - Most Skills.To main focus solely on plans to give little attention to the art / science or discipline Professional Solutions sell.the fact is, a good plan or not, novice sellers do not recognize the purchase of a simple signal. Trained reps do not know how to build trust and rapport with potential customers. If there is no argument now is that trust and relationships are the basis for any successful Bedrock in sales. 

Although resistance is overcome basic art skills learned by knowing when or when not to ask for the order. In any case, these skills should be taught and honed as a true professional sellers will testify: an integral approach to sell art or science is, finally, this: Exclude sellers of Tellers, Emboldens efficient solution techniques such as selling, and, IS sale! The Bottom Line: An explicit approach to selling together with proven skill sets of both Yin and Yang recipe balanced formula which all but ensures increased sales and profitability. To believe or do something without the other person is believed MYTH!

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