Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In France, Challenger Is Driving Seat

(adjusting the sixth paragraph limit to 100 percent of the tax revenues Jean-Luc Melenchon promised during the campaign.) On Sunday night, French President Nicolas Sarkozy was left struggling to live life a political battle he seemed in danger of losing socialist rival, Francois Hollande time squeaked past him in the first round of the presidential election, won about 28.8 percent of the vote to 26.1 per cent of French leaders, according to the polling firm Hollande Ipsos.If apply to determine half of May 6, as some polls indicate her powers, the French Socialists would win their first presidential election since the end of the Cold War a potentially large impact ripple across Europe as the second largest regional economy anguishes over how to dig themselves out of the deep recession.Hundreds mobbed outside the headquarters of the Socialist Party's Left Bank, Paris at sunset day on Sunday, bracing themselves for success, early sweet and shouting "François, president" Then, Hollande committed supporter of its rural constituency Corrèze, calls elections "rejection of the president out." There charisma deficit, mild-mannered local politician, who never held national office, rising through the party rank efforts rather than dynamism. But he tapped into a wave of insults against Sarkozy. Fighting seems to be hardened by the deepening European recession. The French, finding a convincing leader, Sarkozy is not a politician, which means more snooty anxiety grated into their veins. Disgusted lasts messy divorce and remarriage fast Carla Bruni not helped, either. "At least half of the population does not want Sarkozy," said Dan-Antoine Blanc-Shapira, director general of the Paris event planning company perception, choice Sarkozy in 2007. "I have never seen anyone hate president like this." Blanc-Shapira is among the many people who vacillated for weeks on who to choose, and eventually choose Hollande. While he believes the entrenched labor protection inhibits growth of the country, he also criticized Sarkozy reluctant to raise corporate taxes exceeded 43 percent. Hollande, who once said on television, "I hate the rich," is proposed wealth tax, including the 75 percent income tax rate for those earning more than 1 million euros (about $ 1.3 million). Partly because of the policy, Blanc-Shapira said he was not happy with having to choose Hollande, but added, "Both candidates convince me." Same is true for nearly 10 million people on Sunday to choose the extreme left and right wing parties. Sunday is the biggest political earthquake huge support for far-right National Front, a young, telegenic candidate, Marine Le Pen, won nearly 7 million people vote after campaigning to have France to leave the euro and stop all immigration from North Africa. Millions, as well as the far-left party, much to the communist style of policy making tax plan Hollande look tame. About 11 percent of voters chose Jean-Luc Melenchon, where the popularity has soared in recent weeks to promise to put 100 percent income tax to anyone achieving more than 350,000 € (about $ 469,000) to year.Hollande panicked and Sarkozy will try millions court extremist of voters in two weeks. CSA exit polling firm released data showing that more than 90 percent of Melenchon Hollande support intended to vote on May 6, while 52 percent of Le Pen's supporters said they would vote for Sarkozy. Looking drawn and faint after the polls closed, Sarkozy seems to channel Le Pen when he told supporters he would represent the French "against outsourcing and immigration control. To maintain their lifestyle in central question this election, "he said.For France, keep living a good public health system, better schools, and job security is protected narrative is dominated politics for decades. This time, however, the puzzle of how to pay for that sweet life has reached a crisis point. Debt now stands at more than 90 percent of gross domestic product. Unemployment still seem to remain at about 10 percent, a figure that is higher for young people and people woke minorities.Whichever elected president on May 7 will deal with the cold statistics, and the need to swallow.


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