Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Help businesses improve challenge

The Journal North East businesses are set to learn how to make money from climate change. The findings of the study saw the economic opportunities and implications of climate change in North East England announced on June 11. A free event in the morning, Making Money From Climate Change, will take place at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle and is set to share the results of the study, commissioned by ClimateNE. This includes cost benefit analysis necessary response to adaptation to climate change and the opportunities presented in the transition to a low carbon economy. Andrew Sugden, director of membership and policy in the East Chamber of Commerce, said: "Climate change is the second pressing issues facing the UK and other countries around the world, and is a real commercial opportunity for many companies. This event will not only launch the results of the main study but also provides information and practical assistance to businesses on how to identify new commercial opportunities associated with climate change can help their businesses become successful. "There will also be information on how businesses can save money by protecting themselves from the dangers of climate change and take charge of energy and carbon intensity. "This suggestion is also in the hands of how to access available grants, loans and other funds offered to help the business to gain maximum benefit from engaging with this agenda." The findings of the survey on business attitudes and perceptions of climate change in North East England, showing the current level of activity on a shared agenda. State Paul Watson, chairman of the Association of North East Council, said: "The regional government in North East England is committed to working with ClimateNE and the business community to build strength and natural resources our position as a leader in the low carbon economy in the future. "Climate change is a significant challenge, but with challenges come opportunities, such as the development of new green industries and the transition to a low-carbon economy, which will bring investment, jobs and skills. "The opportunity is an integral part of our vision for a sustainable future, not only to deal with the impacts of climate change, but as an integral part of our plans for economic recovery." Speakers include Ryan Maughan of Comesys Europe Ltd, Alice Owen from Arup, John Pettifer of the Federation of Small Businesses and John Barton of updating. Morning rounded lunch where delegates can talk to counselors and specialists from climate change and browse the exhibits. Confirmed exhibitors Link, Business in Resilience, Community Business and Climate Change Adaptation project, Community Energy Solutions, Elecscoot Ltd, Environment Agency, see, Federation of Small Businesses, the National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP), North East of Chambers of Commerce, renew, Tees Valley Green Business Network and the effects of the UK Climate Programme (UKCIP), among others


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